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Financial accounting strategy consulting

Accounting System Operations Consulting

Accounting and Tax Reporting

Tax Optimization and Refund Consulting

Consulting on Standardization of Accounting and Tax Documentation

Financial Accounting Advisor

1. Financial Accounting strategy consulting

Risk issues 

Failing to properly align financial and accounting strategy with business strategy from the outset leads to several issues:

  • Inability to foresee and prepare for potential financial risks.

  • Difficulties in attracting investment capital and securing loans.

ATP’s solution

Mitigate financial risks by preparing financial forecasts and setting annual, quarterly, and monthly budgets.

2. Accounting System Organization Consulting

Risk issues 

Poor organization of the accounting system is the starting point for business chaos and failure because:

  • Lack of accurate and timely financial reports.

  • Potential tax violations, leading to fines and, in severe cases, criminal prosecution.

  • High operational costs for maintaining the accounting system without achieving effectiveness.

ATP's solutions 

  • Consulting on organizing an efficient accounting system based on type of business, revenues, human resource size, complexity of tasks and specific organizational requirements.

  • Developing and delivering an "Accounting Handbook" that includes accounting processes and regulations in compliance with government requirements and tailored to the specific characteristics of the business

 3. Accounting Entries and Tax Reporting

Risk issues 

  • Weak accounting team expertise leads to tax violation risks.

  • Failure to provide accurate, timely reports and cost optimization advice.

  • High costs for maintaining accounting personnel with poor effectiveness, causing stress for management.

ATP's solution

  • Recording and providing accounting reports in compliance with regulations, promptly, and offering tax optimization advice.

  • Helping save 70% of costs compared to maintaining an in-house accounting system, including recruitment, training, salaries, and benefits expenses.

4. Tax Optimization and Refund Consulting

Risk issues 

  • Lack of tax law knowledge results in not optimizing tax payments.

  • Inaccurate tax accounting records lead to difficulties in obtaining tax refunds.

ATP's solutions 

  • Helping identify risk issues and providing solutions for resolution, remediation, and prevention.

  • Optimizing the application of tax policies in a smart and effective manner

5. Consulting on standardizing tax accounting records

Vấn đề rủi ro

  • Inaccurate accounting data and non-compliance with regulations can result in significant penalties during tax audits.

  • Accounting reports that lack reliability for management, investors, and banks.

ATP's solutions 

  • Identifying risk issues and providing solutions for remediation and prevention.

  • Saving costs in auditing and valuation.

  • Increasing the Board of Directors and Management's confidence in accounting reports for business decision-making

6. Financial Accounting Advisory

Risk issues 

Lack of experts with specialized knowledge in financial accounting leads to significant risks:

  • Violations lead to fines or violations of the law.

  • Errors damage credibility with investors, partners, and customers.

  • The burden of financial accounting management on business leaders causes a lack of focus on core business activities.

ATP's solutions 

Financial accounting advisory services are provided by highly qualified experts in the field of financial accounting.

  • Supporting the development and implementation of financial strategies, effective financial management, and compliance with tax, accounting, and auditing laws.

  • Helping businesses enhance operational efficiency, save costs, minimize risks, and increase transparency.

Team of experts with many years of experience

Deep expertise and readiness to accompany you from strategy to execution in the role of a professional consultant or Independent Board Member supporting the Board of Directors in achieving business objectives.

Providing consulting services and professional operation

Owning the ecosystems of professional subsidiary companies providing outsourced management services including: Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Financial Accounting Tax, Human Resources, Digital Transformation…

Collaborate with many investment funds and foreign groups

With a team of experts with many years of experience in M&A consulting and investment capital raising, we are ready to collaborate and connect with potential strategic and financial investors, both domestic and international, to facilitate effective capital access.

Connecting a diverse global export network

Possessing an ecosystem of marketing and sales companies for both domestic and export markets to over 20 countries worldwide, we are ready to advise and support Vietnamese businesses in joining the global supply chain.

Reasons to collaborate with us?

The company is experiencing rapid growth

Businesses face challenges in strategic financial and accounting planning, organizing an efficient accounting system to deliver accurate and timely financial reports, ensuring legal compliance, and optimizing operational costs.

The company needs to raise investment capital

Businesses face issues with inaccurate and non-transparent accounting data, and tax risks. These challenges directly impact the company's ability to raise capital and its development prospects.

FDI Company

There is a need to find reliable partners to address issues related to investment licensing, compliance with accounting regulations, tax and labor laws, support with tax refunds, and connecting with the supply chain in Vietnam.

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