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Expanding Development

" ATP Accounting - Empowering FDI Enterprises to Invest Effectively"

Risk issues of FDI company

Violation of law and regulations
  • The tax and accounting laws and regulations are complex and subject to frequent changes.

  • Violating tax laws and regulations can result in fines, additional tax assessments, and even business suspension. 

  • Poor Financial Management: A Direct Path to Capital Loss

  • Corruption causes big loss to businesses.

Inefficient investment approach and supply chain connectivity
  • Lack of information and support in selecting efficient manufacturing investment locations and facilitating M&A investment deal connections.. 
  • Difficulty in accessing reliable supply chains with competitive pricing

Human Resource Management and Investment Capital Loss

Solutions to support FDI business

Focus on core competencies
  • "Using Outsourced Management Services helps businesses save time and resources for administrative and operational tasks, including: Marketing-Sales, Accounting-Taxation; Human Resources Management; Legal Management..."

  • This enables leadership to focus on more strategic issues crucial for the business's development.

" 70% of FDI enterprises utilize Outsourced Management Services to minimize risks and enhance investment efficiency. ".

Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Outsourced Management Service providers often possess high expertise, utilize advanced technology, and apply effective management methods
  • Utilizing outsourced management services enables businesses to benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts, thereby enhancing operational efficiency

Cost-saving on operational expenses
  • Cost-saving on labor expenses: as there is no need to pay salaries, bonuses, or benefits for administrative staff.

  • Cost-saving on infrastructure expenses: as there is no need to invest in physical facilities or equipment for personnel.

  • Process optimization: Outsourced Management Services typically have efficient management processes, helping businesses save on operational costs.

Our services

ATP Accounting, a member of the WTP Group, provides professional outsourcing management solutions "from strategy to execution" to accompany and support efficient FDI businesses in Vietnam. The ecosystem of WTP Group-supported businesses includes:

Investment registration consulting and licensing services

Outsourced HRM Consulting and Implementation Services

Outsourced Financial Accounting Consulting and Implementation Services

Legal consulting services

Supply chain connection consulting services

M&A investment connection consulting services

Team of experts with many years of experience

A team of well-trained experts is knowledgeable about the business environment and laws in Vietnam applicable to foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises.

Efficient organizational operation

Providing outsourced professional financial accounting management services tailored to the management needs of FDI enterprises.

Growing together

More than just a financial accounting management partner, WTP Group's business ecosystem is ready to support enterprise supply chain connections and effective M&A investment opportunities..

Our different values

Flexible and optimal

Acting as experienced and highly skilled advisors and partners, understanding management must provide flexible services at reasonable costs for high efficiency.

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